World's Sexiest Beaches

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Worlds Sexiest Beaches

What is sexy? Well, when it comes to beaches, determining the sexiest in the world is a difficult, albeit stimulating, task. What we looked for was dramatic landscapes like mountainous lush landfalls formed by volcanic eruption, an accretion of crushed coral the color and consistency of confectioner's sugar, and surroundings carved by receding glaciers clawing the earth in their wake. The most obvious candidates augment their scenic natural beauty with sensuous clientele, sybaritic resorts, and sassy sultry nightlife. You've seen their (in)famous celeb scenes regularly depicted in People and InStyle.

But it isn't all just sun, sand and sex. They all have equally alluring but less frenzied strands nearby that exude a sea-scent and sensuality as potent as pheromones. These remote beaches are where you'll want to go for a little alone time to drink in those natural surroundings without an audience. So grab your towel, and your thong, and get ready to sashay down the world's sexiest beaches.

Worlds Sexiest Beaches

Until recently the only Westerners at this once isolated, mountainous landfall were trippin' hippies and burnt-out Trust-afarians fleeing the rat race. Koh Samui was Eden reborn: home to bacchanalian seafood feasts for a buck and free hammocks slung between palms. Now hipsters flock to posh pampering resorts from Four Seasons to Anantara, and expats prepare a U.N. of gastronomic options. It also increasingly offers Thailand's infamously diverse nightlife. Chaweng and Lamai are the liveliest, with entertainment options from lurid to luxe along both their beach and town main drags. Given Lamai's rowdy rep, Hin Ta and Hin Yai appropriately rise nearby. The so-called Grandfather and Grandmother Stones are granite rock formations eroded into erotic shapes resembling male and female genitalia.

Steal Away: Ang Thong National Marine Park is unspoiled yet easily accessible via speedboat or ferry. The park comprises a 42-island archipelago: wild, whimsically sculpted limestone massifs blanketed with virgin rainforest rising from lapis waters. Nearby the setting for Leonardo DiCaprio's The Beach, Koh Samui also features large cliff-side caves and glorious beaches where you feel no one has ever set foot, as well as snorkeling, diving, and kayaking.

Worlds Sexiest Beaches

Everyone, straight and gay, should experience artsy anything-goes P-Town, located where the tip of Cape Cod curls like a tongue stuck out at convention. Part of the protected Cape Cod National Seashore, its miles of ivory-hued sands are backed by towering scrub-blanketed dunes, curvaceous as Rubens' nudes. Herring Cove is arguably the raciest strand, but the more secluded Head of the Point, Race Point and Long Point Beaches lure nature buffs with seal and whale sightings. The town itself offers quaint 19th-century B&Bs, galleries, and even dynamic discos for people-watching.

Steal Away: A quick ferry ride away, Martha's Vineyard offers Victorian architecture and a rugged coastline that includes Gay Head Point, a national landmark comprised of a 1799 brick lighthouse and 130-foot ruddy, fossil-embroidered cliffs. Seek out Moshup, one of four tranquil beaches in the town of Aquinnah. Families gather near the wooden boardwalk marking the entrance, but as you stroll down the shore, people (and clothes) become scarcer; large rocks permit strategically private sunbathing if you're shy.

Worlds Sexiest Beaches

Ever since the 1956 film And God Created Woman with Brigitte Bardot frolicking in the frothy surf caused an international sensation, St. Tropez has been synonymous with ooh-la-lasciviousness. The French daily Figaro once noted St. Tropez in summer presents "the greatest number of famous faces per square meter," and it's not uncommon to see Bono or Beyoncé catching some rays. There's a reason this ultimate hotbed-on-the-beach is nicknamed Trop, which means "too much." Movers, shakers and chic tabloid fodder shimmy to the latest beats between impromptu champagne showers, compare the size of their... yachts, and shed inhibitions as easily as Manolo flip-flops at beach bars like Tahiti Beach, Le Voile Rouge, and Club 55 along the ravishing Bay of Pampelonne.

Steal Away: If you just wish to soak up the soleil, sans bubbly, the Îles d'Or (Golden Isles) of Porquerolles, Levant, and Port Cros beckon. You can hike from unspoiled fishing villages to hidden coves in the shadow of steep stunning cliffs scented with heather and citrus trees. They embrace Europe's first protected marine reserve, offering spectacular underwater pyrotechnics, including some of the Mediterranean's best wreck diving.

Worlds Sexiest Beaches

Despite its scenic splendor, the island of Mykonos didn't inspire many famous Greek myths, but international college students (and the eternally young-at-heart) have made this clothing-optional strand fronting water rippling from turquoise to tourmaline a legendary nonstop party. Its vibrant beach bars (transformed into nightclubs after dark) put the sin in scintillating, with sunbathers gyrating atop tables well into the wee hours.

Steal Away: We love Santorini's Red Beach (so named for the ruddy volcanic rock), but it's often hot in more ways than one. Instead try Almira or Armeni, both best reached by boat or donkey, offering gorgeous water, classic blue-and-white buildings, and humble tavernas where you can wash down fresh grilled fish with homemade wine.

Worlds Sexiest Beaches

You know that famous ditty about "The Girl From..." whose sultry beat helped accompany the 60s sexual revolution? Well, you'll find high-calorie Carioca eye candy at this beach that practically popularized the dental-floss bikini for both genders. Ipanema (and Rio itself) is a party-hearty spot year-round, the bars' sensuous samba rhythms answering the soft susurrus of surf and thwock of soccer balls, all in the shadow of the majestic Sugarloaf Mountain.

Steal Away: Equally renowned Copacabana also hits a high note with pretty people in G-strings, so head to Barra da Tijuca, a mecca for kite-boarders and windsurfers. It's arguably Rio's cleanest, safest beach and given its 11-mile length, there are plenty of isolated spots even when local families descend on weekends.

Worlds Sexiest Beaches

This long sensuous nudist strand redefines "ocean view." It's a surreal scene: passing cruise ships snap the gorgeous Gallic twenty-somethings and grandmères letting it all hang out. But you needn't shed your bathing suit or inhibitions. This buoyant beach jumps with bands, bistros and crêperies, vendors, vendeuses de la plage (swimwear models whose impromptu shows put the tease back in striptease), and water sports from waterskiing to windsurfing. Anything goes, yet some sections are surprisingly family-friendly, and you can always hire a boat to the charming nearby islets.

Steal Away: Many people fly or take the ferry for a day trip to tony St. Barth's, a longtime haunt of real and reel royalty that is accustomed to voyeurs and exhibitionists (that buzz in season is not mosquitoes, but shutterbugs). The famed hotel strands rim the north coast, but the more secluded southern cove of Anse du Gouverneur is the color of Cristal champagne and just as apt to make you feel giddy. Here, too, you'll find buff bodies in the buff.

Worlds Sexiest Beaches

This is one of the premier spots to watch bronzed Aussie lifeguards in training, a nonstop episode of Baywatch. The Oz answer to Waikiki is celebrated for its equally active surf and scene. It's one of the world's ultimate spots to hang ten and hang out. You can easily get swept up in the trendy cafes and chic boutiques along its Campbell Parade, but there are some lovely surrounding coastal walks and parklands down to charming Coogee.

Steal Away: Sydney's Northern Beaches, all easily accessible by car or ferry, are generally quieter past bustling Manly (yes, it lives up to its name, too), with Freshwater and Curl Curl among our faves. You can even visit national parks or pet koalas just 30 minutes from Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge.

Worlds Sexiest Beaches

This Art Deco haven remains a hotbed of cool activity and celeb watching, hip-hopping and happening 24/7. You might see Gloria Estefan, Madonna, A-Rod, and other homeowners cavorting, as well as fashion and film shoots. The best place to watch the partying parade is the sidewalk patio of News Cafe. It's just as alive at dawn as it is at noon: Goth club kids straggle from their lairs, models walk their pooches, and even a few older residents brandish their canes at the scene.

Steal Away: Haulover Beach may be a stretch, but we have to praise this sparkling example of urban renewal, one of the few county-run government-sanctioned nudity beaches in the U.S and sunbathers run the gamut of ages, shapes and sizes (augmented and au naturel). It's possible to find some less-populated areas to sit back and enjoy the rays. The surrounding, family-friendly park boasts plentiful recreational activities, WiFi, and way-cool public bathrooms (shaped like leviathan cruise ship smokestacks painted with stripes).

Worlds Sexiest Beaches

The glorious western stretch running up to Holetown is nicknamed the Platinum Coast for its exclusive high-priced high-class but low-key resorts (The House, Sandy Lane, Coral Reef Club, Mango Bay) and high-maintenance clientele. The A-list makes a beeline here during winter, when the beach seems like one celeb after another like Simon Cowell, Hugh Grant, and Mariah Carey are all discreetly people-watching themselves or bending the Beckhams' ears in glam eateries like Daphne's, the Cliff or the Lone Star.

Steal Away: On the south coast, Crane Beach is equally hopping, especially for surfers who dig the swells of another sort. But there are more serene pockets beneath its dramatic cliffs where you can enjoy a cozy picnic.

Worlds Sexiest Beaches

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Eileen Lee

Bailey's Beach aka Spouting Rock Beach in Newport, Rhode Island. Beautiful setting at the end of Bellevue Avenue and beginning of Ocean Drive. Fine sand and relatively warm water for New England this beach is great for swimming and surfing and just sitting. It is the beach where Jackie Kennedy and many other famous people went.

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top ten beaches in the world

All these places are amazing and sexy. My Favorite beaches is Horseshoe Bay Beach.
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top ten beaches in the world

You know the saying: Put two people together and let nature take its course. Well, put two people together in a locale with sunshine, sand, and turquoise waters…and watch the clothes come flying off. Whether this summer finds you and your Pucci two-piece looking to break a few hearts, or whether it's a matter of you and your mate defrosting passions after a long, cruel winter, we've got the surefire solution. These beaches, quite simply, bring the heat. We're not responsible for what happens the morning after.

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top ten beaches in the world

What's that you say? You want to cover yourself in fine sand and then dive into azure water? You want to flirt with millionaires, lick the salt off a margarita glass, siesta in a hammock, and gaze at blood-orange sunsets night after night? We know only one place to accomplish it all. (Oh, come on, you know where we're going with this.) So, with no further ado—except for the waxing, pedicuring, bathing-suit-buying, and dieting—welcome to the world's sexiest collection of beaches. Heated satisfaction guaranteed.
top ten beaches in the world

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Name for the Saguro Cactus pictured: "Give 'm the big green finger!" :)
First thing that comes to my mind. (I apologize for my mind ... ).

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Myrtile Webb

How about the Seychelles. Warm weather, beautiful white sandy beaches especially ANSE LAZIO BEACH on Praslin Island. The most beautiful beach I have ever seen.

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