Best Islands for Doing Nothing

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Best Islands for Doing Nothing

Maybe it was as an infant, a toddler,or a total slacker in high school, but at some point you were extraordinarily skilled at the art of doing nothing. Since then work, kids, and relationships have made you a master at multitasking. Shelve those responsibilities for a crash course in relaxation. We've pulled together a list of the best islands around the world where you can practice. We have our favorites, and encourage you to pick your own, pack your bags, and proceed to do nothing.

Best Islands for Doing Nothing

We know! We know! You've seen the celebrity vacation pics, read the press, heard the hype and you are so over Bali. But you might want to check it out first! This Indonesian island, is by far one of the most beautiful, exotic, and relaxing-making it perfect for unwinding with a lover, loved one, or even solo. Despite its small size-you can drive around the entire island in less than a day-the island contains everything from laid-back beach towns, to enchanting temples, and from desolate volcanoes areas to trendy art districts.

Best Islands for Doing Nothing

One of three islands that make up the Leeward Antilles, you'll find this former Dutch colony forty miles from the coast of Venezuela. This island is unique for its diverse population of Jewish, African, Indian, Dutch and Caribbean people. Go there for intimate beaches nestled between the mountains and the sea, where you can spend less time looking for an available place to lay your blanket and more time working on your tan. While you're there, enjoy delicious local cuisine and the authentic namesake drink: Curacao Liqueur.

Best Islands for Doing Nothing

This archipelago off the coast of India consists of over 1,000 islands where privacy-and luxury-abound. Maldives is known as a diving destination, thanks to its tranquil turquoise waters and underwater coral gardens, but those not looking to dive the deep can find other ways to relax. You will find hotels that provide luxurious Frette sheets, private villas built on-not by-water, and personal butlers to care for you. Need we say more?

Best Islands for Doing Nothing

You haven't seen beautiful weather until you've been here. The climate is so sunny and serene that ancient Greeks and Romans were compelled to name the Canaries, "Happy Island." These Spanish isles, close to the northern tip of Africa, continue to live up to the name with miles of unspoiled beaches overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Spend your time sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, or sailing in a spring-like climate that last all year long.

Best Islands for Doing Nothing

The country calls itself "beautiful by nature," but they are also private by design. With over 40 different islands and cays-only eight are inhabited-you'll have lots of space and opportunity to pretend you are on your own private beach. While each island has world class hotels, restaurants, and spas, each destination has its own unique character. For ultimate relaxation, languish the days away in tranquil North or Middle Caicos.

Best Islands for Doing Nothing

Narathiwat and Satun are just a two of the destinations on this island where travelers can find laid-back vacation spots. Head to the country's east coast for wide bays and calm seas, or unwind in Thailand's premier holiday resort, Phuket. The country also boasts idyllic mountains, rivers, and forests for nature lovers looking for an alternative to the sand. But be warned: local dishes like pad thai, tom yum and chicken satay are so delicious you may be lured out of your relaxed stupor.

Best Islands for Doing Nothing

Located only 1,100 miles southeast of Miami, even the journey to these U.S territory islands is relaxing. Hop on a non-stop flight from the east coast and arrive in three hours or less. The territory's primary islands include Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas, and each island has its own distinct vibe. Lounge beach-side in St. Croix, relax at national parks in St. John, or take in stunning views of the harbor in St. Thomas.

Best Islands for Doing Nothing

There's life beyond Miami- and it's good! From Key Largo to Key West, the Florida Keys offer all the seclusion and lush beauty of a Caribbean vacation without the hustle and bustle of getting there. The Keys are an island chain spanning 120-miles, with the Overseas Highway, U.S. Route 1, connecting them to each other, and to mainland Florida, making them easy to navigate. Gaze upon fish weaving their way throughout coral formations in Key Largo, or stroll palm-lined streets and nap with a good book outside Hemingway's house in Key West.

Best Islands for Doing Nothing

Two towering black rocks dominate this Tahitian island paradise known for its lagoons. Sunset cruises, perfect white-sand beaches, and beach-side massages are only some of the things that make this mythical destination a personal paradise. Drink in the beauty with panoramic views of lush valleys blooming with hibiscus flowers or on a glass-bottomed boat ride, or spend your days resting in a hammock, swinging in the Polynesian breeze.

Best Islands for Doing Nothing

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Big Bob

My vote for island to do nothing would be Turks and Caicos, Parrot Cay.

July 14 2013 at 9:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Robert B

Palm Island in the Grenadines was simply superb. Pretty much adults only, gorgeous beaches and 5 star culinary food day and night. All inclusive , a bit pricey but by the second day they knew the table we preferred and my scotch and soda was on the table when I sat down . PRIVATE!

June 23 2013 at 1:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Alex Anderson

Hi Liz. I came across your blog post and noticed that you gave the wrong attribution and link for my photo of Aitutaki, Cook Islands (the first image in the slideshow).

My Flickr name is luthor522 (Alex Anderson) and the link to the photo is:

Could you please correct the attribution or remove the photo from your slideshow? Thanks!

- Alex Anderson

January 15 2011 at 4:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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